Just imagine if a technically accomplished and intimate set of previously unpublished black and white photographs of David Bowie were uncovered, almost fifty years after they were first taken. That would be pretty special, right?

Time to introduce Gerald Fearnley. 

Gerald is the brother of “Dek” (Derek) Fearnley, the bass player of the band The Buzz, who backed David Bowie in 1966/1967, and played on his first album.

Gerald was a professional photographer and this fact, and the connection through his brother Dek, resulted in him taking the colour portrait that appeared on the front cover of David Bowie’s first album, the self-titled 1 June 1967 release David Bowie. However, while this colour LP cover image is very well known, Gerald’s archives contain some completely unknown buried treasure – in the form of an entire session of black and white photographs of David Bowie (taken at his Bryanston Street studio around the time of, but completely distinct from the album cover session) – all previously unpublished.

Limited editions signed by Gerald Fearnley available to purchase.

For the first time anywhere in the world, we are able to offer a carefully curated selection of these photographs to our clients as limited editions signed by Gerald Fearnley.

Each signed photograph is offered in a choice of physical sizes, and edition sizes are reassuringly small. Just 10 signed and numbered examples in each of the three size options are available worldwide – a maximum of 30 prints of each image. The photographs work individually, and in pairs and in combinations of images, and to assist you if you are torn between competing images, we are keeping launch prices very keen.

You can view the collection, see prices and sizes, and order online here.