Harry Scott was commissioned to photograph Bruce Springsteen and The E Street Band’s performance at the 2009 Hard Rock Calling concert. Unfortunately, his station at the mixing desk didn’t put him anywhere as near to the action as he had hoped.

Recently he revisited the photographs he took that day, and realised that with a significant investment of his time and his editing skills, he could create an amazing panorama of the stage showing the entire band – as a huge horizontal panoramic. Harry has combined five individual photographs to create the overall effect, which I have to say is stunning. Harry challenged me to find the joins, and I couldn’t. The detail is incredible, and I know you will get a lot of pleasure out of this photograph. An extract is above, the full panorama is below.

The basic size, is 12 inches high and five feet wide, and it looks stunning. It also comes bigger. It is available to purchase in two size options – 1ft x 5 ft (30 cm x 150 cm), which would work brilliantly in a home environment, eg above a sofa or side table, or a whopping 2ft x 10ft version ( 60cm x 300cm), which would be amazing framed up in a boardroom setting or on a big wall at home.

If you would like one, you can order one here.