Here’s a shot of Morgan Howell’s latest limited edition three dimensional super-size single, a recreation of the Stones’ Classic 1971 Brown Sugar 45 in his trademark super-size format, measuring 32 x 32 inches framed. There are nine in the edition, each one signed and numbered by Morgan on the front.

To put the size into some kind of perspective, you can see the original seven inch single, the basis for Morgan’s super-size version, leaning against the front of the frame. We will be displaying this in the gallery up until Xmas if you want to see an example of Morgan’s work up close. They really are like nothing you will have seen before.

Brown Sugar is the third in a series of super-size versions of classic Stones singles, following up on Morgan’s previous pieces, It’s All Over Now and Satisfaction. Full price and size info for the Brown Sugar limited edition is here.

If you have seen the footage of Jo Wiley and Huey Morgan interviewing Mick, Keith and Ronnie for the BBC, you can’t have failed to see the huge singles that formed the backdrop to the interview. Well, those are Morgan’s It’s All Over Now and Satisfaction artworks. There’s a photograph below.

Want something bespoke? Morgan will also produce an original commission for our clients based on any cherished 45 in your collections. Get in touch if you would like further information on a commission.

More general background about Morgan is right here