Can there be any doubt that Brian Wilson is a complete pop genius? Peter Blake thinks he is. Britain’s foremost pop artist is probably best known as the designer of The Beatles’ Sergeant Pepper cover. What is probably not so widely known is that he is also a monster Beach Boys fan. Taking inspiration from the songs on Brian Wilson’s latest album That Lucky Old Sun, he has collaborated closely with Brian and created a set of 12 new prints for collectors of his work. These are being released as a complete set in a lavish package, which includes the 12 prints in a deluxe presentation box, a book signed by both Peter Blake and Brian Wilson, and some other goodies as well.



Here’s the skinny:

Only 1,000 sets will be issued worldwide.

Each set contains; the complete set of 12 limited edition prints measuring 12.5 x 16.5 inches (31x41cm) created by Peter Blake, each one taking its inspiration from the title of a song on Brian Wilson’s album That Lucky Old Sun;  a limited edition book signed by Peter Blake and Brian Wilson; a CD of the album That Lucky Old Sun; a facsimile of the lyrics to Midnight’s Another Day; a laminated VIP pass; and a lavish custom box housing the collection – as modelled by our two lovely assistants right here.

Special offer launch price: For the whole set – just GBP 900.

Price set to rise shortly to GBP 1,250, so early orders will lock into a GBP 350 saving



Scroll down and you can see the twelve prints in the set. As you’ll see, they are classic Blake.

Don’t just leave them in the box though. Frame them up. All of them if you have the wallspace, or just your favourites if you don’t. Visitors to the gallery can see a set of all twelve framed prints up on the gallery wall, where they will stay until at least the middle of October. You can go with a standard black frame/white mount, but we think they would look amazing in a white box frame with the prints float mounted. Very Califor-nai-ay.

You can order safely online, or just get in touch on the phone or pop and see us and we will process your order.

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