If you’re not familiar with Box of Vision products, its time we acquainted you. So far there have been two releases, The Beatles, and most recently John Lennon, but a third box is now available – Bob Dylan. We have a preview copy on show at all times in the gallery in central London right now.

There are four elements to the package, illustrated alongside.

1. The external storage box, with Dylan represented front and back, with a neat magnetic side opening panel, revealing:

2. A loose leaf storage file with removable sleeves to house your Dylan CDs ( the CDs are not included)

3. A lavish hardcover volume containing full album size ( 12 x 12 inches ) cover artwork from every Dylan album. This includes front and back covers, inner sleeve artwork and more. For those in the CD generation, this book is a real revelation.

4. A catalography – a softcover 12 x 12 inch book, summarising album releases with track listings and reproductions of contemporary album reviews

It’s a beautiful set – highly recommended. Come and see it for yourself at the gallery in London.

They cost £85 if you pick up from the gallery, £100 if we deliver in the UK.

You can order one here