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Book launch – Daniel Kramer – Bob Dylan: A Year and A Day

From 21 June to 30 July 2016 we hosting an exhibition for Daniel Kramer to mark the launch of his new limited edition Taschen book, Bob Dylan: A Year and A Day, which we are now offering to our clients. A Year and a Day costs £450, and if you want one you can order one from us right now.

I am in the very fortunate position that I have turned every page of A Year and A Day, and read every word, and can vouch for it being something really special.

Dan Kramer first photographed bob Dylan on 27 August 1964 in Woodstock, and his final photographs of Bob Dylan were taken on 28 August 1965, just over a year later. Dan was in the studio when Bob Dylan recorded Bringing It All Back Home, and took the grammy nominated cover photograph for that album, and its follow up Highway 61 Revisited. He photographed Dylan live in many guises – solo, duetting with Joan Baez, and in his final session, electrified with The Hawks at Forest Hills Tennis Stadium – and behind the scenes, relaxing off stage with friends.

Dan’s work needs no introduction to Bob Dylan fans, who will no doubt already own his 1967 book, Bob Dylan: A Portrait of the Artist’s Early Years. This was the first major photographic work about Bob Dylan, and contained 140 black and white photographs.

Old vs new

Given that Dan’s first book will be on the book shelf of any self respecting Bob Dylan fan, I thought I should shed some light on how the new book, A Year and a Day, differs.

First, it is a whole lot bigger and heavier. It is a weighty hardback measuring 12.5 x 17.5 inches (approx), and has 288 pages. I counted 190 photographs, so up considerably from the 140 in the first book, and with unpublished material included.

Second, A Year and a Day contains a selection of 15 colour photographs, including previously unpublished colour session photographs from Bringing It All Back Home and Highway 61 Revisited. The first book was all black and white.

Third, there is a signed limited edition version. We are offering what the publishers refer to as the Collectors edition of the book, which is a limited edition of 1,765 numbered copies, each one signed by Dan Kramer, and costs £450. It is a hardcover, and comes in its own printed clamshell box. The slipcase has the book title on the front, no picture, and once you lift open the clamshell lid, you find the book inside. The cover of the book has a tight-close-up head shot of Bob Dylan from the first session in Woodstock on 27 August 1964.

Fourth, A Year and a Day has some really nice design aspects. A number of the spreads fold out, so that you get up to four full size photographs visible at one time, rather than the usual two. This works particularly well on a spread showing four photographs of Bob Dylan at the piano during the recording of Bringing It All Back Home. At the foot of this news item I have included one of my favourite double page spreads, featuring Bob and Joan. This is an aerial photograph showing the open book sitting inside the clamshell box.

The book is organised into six chapters, covering Woodstock, Philadelphia Town Hall, Recording Bringing It All Back Home, Bob and Joan, Early 1965, and finally Forest Hills. Each chapter has accompanying text by Dan Kramer, who has great insights and a relaxed and easy-going writing style.

All this comes as a highly recommended package. Please do buy one now to be assured of securing your copy of this limited edition.

Here’s the link to where you can do that online – or you can call us at the gallery on 0207 493 1152 to place your order.

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