Bob Dylan’s portraits (some based on real people, some on memories) are going on show at London’s National Portrait Gallery from 24 August 2013, in an exhibition titled Face Value. David Michael Kennedy photographed Bob Dylan in his artists studio at Zuma Beach, California in 1985, with trusty dog at his side and a range of his portraits pinned up around the walls.

David recalls: "When I got the assignment I was told that Dylan didn’t want a big production so I did not even bring an assistant with me. It was a great shoot : just me and Bob fooling around all day at his home. I remember it really felt like it was just two dudes having fun. He helped out hanging a canvas background and got involved in all aspects of the shoot. I think he enjoyed being part of the crew as well as being the subject."

This photograph is available to purchase as a limited edition. Bob Dylan has one. Why not treat yourself ?

You can see price and size details of this, and other photographs of Bob Dylan by David Michael Kennedy  here