8 August 2009: forty years to the day that Iain MacMillan took the world famous photograph of The Beatles on the zebra-crossing by Abbey Road studios. You may have seen in the press that hundreds of fans turned up on the 40th anniversary to recreate that iconic image.

Well, we don’t think you can beat the the original. On that day in August 1969 Iain MacmIllan made six pictures of the band crossing the road. Three showed them crossing right to left, and three left to right. Some had Paul in sandals, some barefoot. Iain also made the back cover photograph with the girl in the blue dress. Who was she?

Iain passed away in 2006 and signed examples of his photographs are increasingly scarce and sought after amongst serious Beatles collectors.

Individual signed examples of each of these seven photographs come on the secondary market from time to time, and, occasionally the holy grail – the complete suite of all six front cover variants and the back cover photograph – becomes available. View them here.

We are always interested to hear from collectors who own examples of Iain’s work who are looking to sell as well as buy.