Here’s a treat for Christmas. The gods of timing are on our side, as visitors to the gallery will be able to see two key pieces from Iain Macmillan’s 1969 Abbey Road sessions. All of a sudden the rock ‘n’ roll walking tours of London have put us on their routes because of these two pieces – and twice a week, a bunch of Beatles fans press their noses against the window. If you are interested in the Abbey Road sessions generally, please do check out the research we carried out in 2011, which we turned into a nice online publication. This has been read by over 10,000 people the last time we looked.

So what are the two pieces on the wall ?  On the left, an ultra-large size version ( framed dimensions 38 x 39 inches) of frame 2 in the sequence of 6 photographs taken that day. Frame 2 has always been my favourite piece from the session, because the Beatles are going the ‘wrong’ way, right to left (rather than left to right as on the actual cover), and Paul is in sandals, rather than barefoot on the cover. Paul wore sandals for the first two frames in the sequence. 

Iain made just one or two examples of his session photographs in this ultra-large size, so these big boys almost never come on the market.

Alongside is another ultra rare piece, the actual cover photograph, which again sold out very quickly when first offered in an edition of 25+APs and rarely comes on the market.

Both are signed by Iain MacMillan.