Everyone knows the classic "Heroes" cover session from 1977 – perhaps even more so now, given that the "Heroes" artwork forms the backdrop to the new album, The Next Day.

Back in 1977, David Bowie was on a promotional tour in Japan with Iggy Pop for Iggy’s album The Idiot when Sukita grabbed him for a one hour session. The photos were meant to have a ‘punk’ feel, and David had asked Yacco to get as many leather jackets as possible. The black and white "Heroes" photograph is so familiar that seeing an image from that session in colour is a revelation – many people don’t realise that Sukita also had colour film in his camera that day.

Sukita is releasing this colour session photograph, which he has titled "V2 Schneider" for the very first time, and it is available to order as a signed limited edition in a choice of two paper sizes, 16 x 20 inch paper in an edition of 30, and 30×40 inch paper in an edition of 10.

In the exhibition we will be displaying this in the smaller size on the gallery wall, but both sizes are available to order.