We thought it would be helpful to show you how Sukita prepares his limited edition photographs.

The photographs are always made with a white border around the image area. The overall paper sizes are always the same (either 16 x 20 inches, or 30 x 40 inches) and the exact image sizes vary from photograph to photograph. As a rule of thumb, taking the 16 x 20 inch paper size as an example, you can expect to see a 1 inch border to the left, top and right of the image, with slightly more border below, to allow room for the signature and number.

Each limited edition photograph in the exhibition is then signed and numbered on the front by Masayoshi Sukita in order to authenticate it. Sukita’s signature (in Japanese, and also in English) appears in the white border underneath the image (over towards the left hand side). You can see an example of his signature in the photograph alongside.  The edition number also appears on the front, under the image, but over on the right hand side. In this example, the photograph in question is number 1 in the edition of 30, on 16 x 20 inch paper.