Donald Silverstein: Jimi Hendrix, (Electric) Ladyland


Donald Silverstein: Jimi Hendrix, (Electric) Ladyland

Donald Silverstein was commissioned to photograph Jimi Hendrix in 1967. The resulting image featured on a hugely popular poster, originally included as a pull out with Electric Ladyland, and remains one of the most famous and recognizable images of Hendrix. This is quite simply, one of the absolute all time classic photographs of the incendiary guitarist.

It seems incredible given the importance of this image that it has never been available to purchase as a limited edition photograph before now, but that is the case. Donald Silverstein died in 1975, and now, for the very first time, his estate are offering collectors the chance to own this image as a limited edition photograph. If you remember the original 1960s poster, you will know that it was very very contrasty - and difficult to pick out detail. Deliberately, the limited edition photograph has been left much more natural, just as Donald Silverstein would have seen it originally, and I have to say that the fine detail is just exquisite.

This is an incredibly important Jimi Hendrix photograph. "Iconic" is a very overused term, but in this instance it really is justified. Our advice - go as big as you can.

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