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Exile: The Rolling Stones by Dominique Tarle

Secondary market example (1st edition sold out)

The Making Of Exile On Main St

Dominique Tarlé's extensive archive of Nellcôte photographs

In 1971 the Stone's avoided the extortionate rates of tax in the UK by fleeing to France. During the summer of 1971 celebrated French rock photographer, Dominique Tarle was granted a six month long pass inside Villa Nellcote and collected a large series of photographs of the Stones as they created, recorded, relaxed and partied throughout the summer. This extraordinary collection of images ranks amongst the finest and most revealing ever taken of The Rolling Stones or of any rock band.

“It was unique - a whole bunch of us in France with a mobile studio, living, working. We lived Exile on Main St. Dominique became one of those people that could get in and was documenting it. We liked people like that who basically remained invisible.” Marshall Chess

Seventeen contributors who were all part of the varied cast of characters have contributed to Exile, including, Anita Pallenberg, Mick Taylor, Bill Wyman, Trevor Churchill and more.  With 248 pages, 280 images in monochrome and full colour and 90,000 words from various contributors, Exile is a must have for any Rolling Stones fan.  It was limited to just 1,740 regular copies and 260 deluxe copies, all of which are now long sold out on publication. All 2,000 copies are signed by Dominique Tarle.

The 1,740 regular copies of Exile are actually anything but regular: they are quarter-bound in leather with gilt page edges and inlaid label on the front cover.

The 260 deluxe copies which complete the edition are fully bound in leather with gilt page edges. These are numbered from 1 to 260, are also signed by Mick Taylor, and include a numbered print of Keith Richards signed by Dominique Tarlé. This print is unique to the Deluxe copies.

All copies of Exile are highly collectible and housed in a full colour photo-montage slipcase.

This long sold out volume is, in our humble experience, the most collectible Stones volume - demand is unprecedented, and supply is extremely limited

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