An opportunity for Jam fans to acquire a special souvenir set of prints by photographer Martyn Goddard. These prints are made from Martyns original 1977 polaroids and came to light as part of our planning for his exhibition Golden Faces.

Polaroids have long been used by professional photographers to test the set up for a shoot, and typically they are lost or discarded – very few photographers keep their polaroids.

As luck would have it, Martyn is a fastidious chap, and as part of his original shoot notes from his sessions with The Jam, Martyn would often trim and include the original polaroids, preserving those originals along with the details of the date of the shoot, and the equipment and and lighting used.

There are four colour prints in this souvenir print set, all made from Martyns original polaroids.

In The City – the colour variant of the front cover set up – the only colour image from that entire session

All Around The World – a lovely variant of the front cover of the single sleeve

Mirror – headshots reflected in a mirror, from a session on 2 May 1977

Close up – from the same May 1977 session, a close up of the band against a green studio background

The set of four prints is housed in a special souvenir 12 x12 inch sleeve – you can see the front and back cover artwork in the photograph above. The sharp eyed will notice that the print set has been photographed ( by Martyn) against a background of white tiles to echo the background on that very first shoot for In The City.

This print set is only being offered for a limited time at a very special price.