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I-Contact: The Rolling Stones by Gered Mankowitz

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Secondary market example (1st edition sold out)

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Product Description

The Complete Black-and-White Rolling Stones Archive of Gered Mankowitz.

In 1965 Gered Mankowitz was asked to join the Stones as official photographer on their second tour of the USA. After the tour, Gered conitnued to photograph the Stones until 1968, photographing them at home, in studios, on Primrose Hill and more. Gered Mankowitz’s archive of 170 contact sheets offers a wealth of previously unpublished photographs of the Stones, including eighteen which Gered has selected for full-page reproduction in this large format book. Accompanying the images are Gereds recollections of his time with the Stones.

The edition consists of 950 copies, all signed by Gered Mankowitz.

Each book is spiral bound in heavy screen printed boards with specially produced linen tester magnifying glass, housed in a solander box.

Copies numbered 1-100 were deluxe copies. Deluxe copies were spiral bound with full leather boards and supplied with an additional signed print.

The entire edition of 950 copies has now sold out, but secondary market copies are available. We can offer one of each:

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