This photograph of the Beatles at The Buxton Pavilion Gardens in 963 is the result of a collaboration between the original photographer, David Porter, and Michael Spencer Jones.

Michael Spencer Jones, a lifelong Beatles aficionado and also a photographer himself, and best known for his photographs of Oasis, undertook a painstaking colourisation process to transform David Porter’s original black and white print into the colour image shown here. Michael estimates that he spent more than 200 hours on the process. The spectacular end result of this collaboration is now available for collectors to purchase as a limited edition, signed by both David and Michael. The detail is exquisite – from the mass of individual faces in the crowd, right down to the texture of the leather on John’s boots. 

The photograph was taken at the beginning of Beatlemania. It is a wonderful social document and captures the very essence of The Beatles phenomena. The scene is very much a narrative; a girl fan lays unconscious and is being attended by two officials on stage; a note which she had been clasping in her hands only moments before now lies at the feet of John Lennon; the note reads ‘John, please sing You Really Got a Hold on Me’.

David Porter was a photographer working in Manchester in the 1960s. He photographed The Beatles on two occasions and recalls the mayhem from that evening. “I remember a large contingent of police having to be drafted onto the stage in an attempt to restore order. A few weeks later they went to the states and Beatlemania went global, and the rest is history”.

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