Every so often we meet with an artist who is so completely on the same page as us, that we just have to work together. Such is the case with the incredibly talented Sheffield based artist Pete McKee. We are working our way towards a major exhibition of Pete’s original paintings at the gallery in 2011, but to introduce our clients to Pete’s work, we are featuring a small selection in our Christmas show, which kicks off on Friday 19 November.

Pete’s paintings often feature music related subjects: maybe a boy in his bedroom strumming his guitar with favourite band posters on the walls, maybe listening to a special album, or browsing the racks at a local record shop. Pete’s art is heavily influenced by youth culture, and his work features mods, rockers, punks, goths and rude boys amongst others. Pete is a master of displaying character and emotion in a couple of brush strokes, and his cartoon style has won him fans all over the world.

Here’s a brief overview of the work we are offering right now to our clients:

Teenager Kicks – limited edition book

The Teenage Kicks book is the best introduction to Pete McKee’s work: It was put together as a souvenir catalogue for an exhibition of 22 paintings that Pete created for Paul Smith in Japan. Supplemented with images from Pete’s sketchbooks, and personal anecdotes, it’s a testament to the care and attention that Pete puts into his work. Teenage Kicks is limited to 500 copies, all signed by Pete McKee, and accompanied by a 12 inch etched white vinyl "LP"  featuring an image rather than music – think of it as a picture disk with art not music as the content.

Limited edition screenprints

We are offering two limited edition Pete McKee screenprints with a musical theme; "A Good Education", which features a kid in his bedroom learning chords on his guitar, with posters of The Clash and Velvet Underground up on the walls; and "Booty and the Beat", which features the all important ritual of polishing your Winklepicker boots before a Saturday night on the town, with The Beatles featuring prominently.

The book ( at £120 ) and screenprints ( at £200 and £250 ) are really exceptional value, and represent excellent Christmas gift ideas.

An original painting- Vinyl Pleasures (2010)

As the theme of our Christmas show is a celebration of great album cover design from the sixties onwards, we were rather hoping that Pete could make the time to create a special piece for us that celebrated everything that is good about great sleeve art. And would you believe it, he’s gone and done just that. Pete has created a genius painting  of the interior of a classic independent record shop – the kind of record shop that every music fan would love to visit. You can check out Vinyl Pleasures here

What about this – your own bespoke McKee commission!

We love the record shop painting that Pete has made for the show so much, that we figured you might like the opportunity to commission your own bespoke McKee record shop painting, filled with racks of your favourite LPs, and gig posters from classic concerts you went to on the walls. This can be made to reflect your own youth, and your own personal record shop scene will be one where the records in the racks are your favourites, where the people in the shop are modelled on you.  You get to choose  two posters for the wall, maybe gigs you have been to ( or would have gone to if you were old enough). The paintings are 24 x 30 inches, and you get to choose 30 albums to populate the record racks. You can have hours of fun putting together your shortlist of what to include, and then you sit back while Pete creates something ultra special just for you – something that no one else will have. Get in touch if you would like further details. Commissions take 3 months to make, so this is something for life, not for Christmas.

You can read more about Pete in the biography section of the website.

Any questions, just get in touch.