Here’s a special opportunity for early birds to snaffle one of the new limited edition screenprints that are going to be available in our next exhibition, "Great Moments in Popular Music" by Pete McKee.

Great Moments in Popular Music – new paintings by Pete McKee

The exhibition consists of 27 original original paintings and 10 ink sketches, and features a diverse range of musicians from blues legend Robert Johnson onwards, taking in artists from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s on the way.  This show has been a very exciting one to put together – every few days for the past couple of months an email from Pete would arrive with another classic image for the show completed. My excitement has been building over time, as the overall shape of the exhibition came into sharper focus with the revelation of each successive painting. The prize for best title of all the pieces in the show goes to ‘The Batley Womens Guild Battle Recreation Society Present Blur v Oasis’.  If you haven’t seen the classic Monty Python sketch on which this one is based, check it out on YouTube here

The Beatles get a Haircut

The Beatles Get a Haircut (shown here) neatly sums up the essence of the exhibition. It features one of the most important groups in the history of popular music, but captures a left field moment which you won’t find in any standard Beatles biographical text. The painting depicts the moment as imagined by Pete, when the Beatles first acquired their moptops, and, as Pete puts it – paraphrasing John Lennon – “changed from Rockers to Mockers”. Pete’s work brings a smile to your face, and the subject matter of this exhibition is clearly close to Pete’s heart, and mine. The Beatles piece is classic McKee – George and Paul have been ‘mopped’, John and Ringo await their turn, their final few minutes as bona fide rockers preserved for posterity. Of course this isn’t exactly how it happened, but that’s not the point – it’s how Pete’s imagination works that is the point here, and how he applies his trademark wit to the subjects we know and love, reminding us to expect the unexpected.

Limited editions

The original paintings in the exhibition are by definition, complete one-offs. Pete always chooses a couple of paintings in a show to offer as limited edition screenprints, and this Beatles print is one of them. It is made in a limited edition of 75, each one signed and numbered on the front under the image area, on 50x70cm (19×27 inch) paper.

Pete’s work has a worldwide following and his screenprints are extremely collectible and very good value. The launch price for this Beatles screenprint is GBP 395. Delivery is free within the UK, and there is a small delivery charge if you are outside these shores. You can order one online right now, right here or alternatively you can call the gallery and we will take your details.

The original painting will of course be on show in the exhibition, and is also for sale. This is a larger piece than the screenprint, and measures 26 x 32inches framed. If you feel you have to have the original, please get in touch.