We are planning a Beatles exhibition at the gallery for June 2018, and will be including the photographs from Iain Macmillan’s historic Abbey Road session. You know the one: six photographs of the Beatles crossing left to right (frames 1,3 and 5) and three where they cross right to left (frames 2,4, and 6). Paul is wearing sandals in frames 1 and 2, and barefoot for the next four frames. The actual cover image is frame 5.

To those, add the photograph on the back cover with the girl in the blue dress and you have the full set of seven.

In the preparation for the show, we have managed to secure an example of each of the seven photographs – the five front cover variants, the front cover and the back cover.

It has been a long while since we had all seven available at the same time.

Get in touch if you are interested in these key pieces.