Background – The Temple of Wax

We introduced our new Temple of Wax service to immortalise your favourite record, in the form of a large format, circular, aluminium mounted, three dimensional, photographic artwork (sorry – that’s a bit of a mouthful), beautifully framed and delivered to your door.

It is completely personal. Each large format artwork is made just for you, in a bespoke size of your choosing (and sizes up to 100cm / 39 inches diameter are possible), using the original vinyl record of your choice – anything from the entire world of vinyl, be it a single, EP, album, and whether on black or coloured vinyl. Actually, it doesn’t even matter if you can’t find the record – we can source it for you.

We have been delighted by the reaction so far. In particular, it has struck me just how many wives are buying these as gifts for their husbands. The corollary is that it is OK for husbands to buy them for themselves. We can deal with most special requests – so whether you want your name to appear somewhere in the credits on the label (if you must !) or you decide you want “God Save The Queen” by the Sex Pistols in eight different coloured vinyl versions to fill a whole wall in your apartment, we can get it done.

You can read all about the Temple of Wax here

The Record Store Day offer

The offer lasts until midnight UK time on record store day – Saturday 22 April 2017.

Simply commission an artwork from the Temple of Wax at the usual price, and we will give you a second artwork of your choice in the same size at a 33⅓% discount to the list price for that second piece.

All you need to do to lock into the offer is to pay for the first one – either online through the Snap Galleries website or over the phone on 0207 493 1152 – by midnight UK time on Saturday 22 April 2017. Not sure which record to get ? Don’t worry – as long as we receive payment by the deadline you can take your time choosing. Actually you will get a kick out of scoping out available releases on

When both artworks are ready to deliver (turnaround is currently 4/5 weeks on average) we then collect payment for the second piece – reduced by the 33⅓% discount. So if you buy one 75cm disc at £1,350, you can lock into a nice discount of £ 450 on the second piece, which will then cost £ 900.

Please note that the discount applies to framed and unframed items – but not to deliver charges. Delivery is always free in the UK mainland in any case, and for unframed pieces going overseas.

Hope that all makes sense. Any questions just ask.

Good vibes: To the left, a 75cm (30 inch) diameter Beach Boys “Good Vibrations” in a white box frame (with original single shown bottom left), and on the right, a 54 cm (21 inch) diameter Undertones classic original “Teenage Kicks” on the Good Vibrations label.